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After several months of procrastinating & planning I am delighted to bring to you the launch of my new website and rebrand.

Those who know me well understand my 'small' obsession with butterflies. These are the reasons why I had to choose a butterfly as my logo:

Firstly, did you know that my name Vanessa also means butterfly in Greek/Latin!

And of course, the butterfly symbolises "transformation, freedom and expansion".

2018 also has certainly been a year of transformation for me on so many levels; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It has been a year of expansion and evolving, finally finding my wings so that I can FLY!

And I invite you to fly with me in this new transformation.

Let us grow and evolve together.

The colours of the butterfly are also symbolic representing those of certain chakras.

(another blog about chakras to come..)

This website will be unlike ANY other yoga websites, it's not about me but about YOU and by that I mean that I want you to be just as part of it as me.

Through sharing my blogs I hope to inspire you with yoga videos, meditations, tips, lifestyle, and ideas that keep my own yoga fire burning brightly.

I am really passionate about all things yoga and I am so happy to share my teachings with you and more importantly for you to share your experiences with me.

With your guidance my new website will be packed full of useful information such as;

Yoga classes / styles/ schedule and locations

Free videos


Yoga Retreats (e.g Sri Lanka/ Cyprus)

Informative Blogs

My website is new and evolving, also interactive so if you can't get to my classes just contact me through the website. Let me know what you need, say Hi, tell me what you love to see, know, learn. This is YOUR website as much as mine.

So whether you are attending my yoga classes here on the Island of Cyprus, or you have never tried yoga before but always liked the idea of giving it a try, or you are suffering with some ailment and nothing is working for you, this website is for you and I would love to hear about you and what you need.

With over 20 years of experience I can only share from my heart and this where my heart is taking me. So much has happened and so much more is yet to come and I invite you to join me in what will be such an amazing yogi ride!

From My Heart Space To Your Heart Space


welcoming butterflies
from my heart space to your heart space

I would just like to say an enormous heart felt "Thank You" to my dear friend and yoga student, Amita . Amita, you saw something in me that I could not see in myself, if it was not for you this beautiful website would not exist.

Also, an abundance of love to my hubby James and son Jordi, who always have my back .

Have given me the space to evolve and show me constant support....

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