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I Found Enlightenment At My Local Supermarket. Aisle 5.

Who would have thought..........If I was you, I would make yourself a nice cup of tea and put your feet up!

I am a 45 year old Spirit Junkie who has been on this path since the wee age of 14 years old.

At this sweet age when most 14 year old girls are chasing boys, well me.. I was busy trying to contact the dead!

It was a Saturday afternoon 1987 when I had my first encounter with "spirituality" and a chance encounter with a friend’s Aunty who stood there and had a huge conversation with my Grandad who had passed a couple of years before.

I remember standing there, not afraid, no fear, just intrigued that this stranger knew everything that was going on in our home at that time.

She mentioned the pocket watch which used to hang on a wobbly nail next to the fireplace( it was the 80`s, we had lots of brasses around the fireplace ) and this watch which was left to my dad, was not in a safe place as the house unfortunately got burgled a few months later.

So that was me ...hooked.

I was down in my local library searching for books on Mediums and Clairvoyants.

It was in the early 90`s when I read a book that changed my life. That book was ‘Many Lives Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss.

I had this unusual calmness about death; I knew that once our souls transitioned there was something more.

At 17 I left to go and live in Miami, when I was stood at the airport saying my goodbyes to my parents, I told them " It’s ok if something happens to one of us, Í will see you again " So it wasn’t long after arriving in Miami I find myself in a group of people holding crystals, channeling......

A lady there told me about a woman who was excellent and worth a visit. So off I went, not knowing what to expect at all.

Strangely I remember the setting and in particular a drawing above her kitchen table where we sat, it was done in charcoal and it was a ring of children all holding hands....

Whilst chatting to her I actually though she was just asking me questions getting to know me, what I didn’t realise was she was looking at me but the pen was just doing its own thing, she was sketching and writing, then would look down and then say to me...."Oh I see you work with children, " Don’t be alarmed she said, I am an automatic writer”.... again I was so curious about this whole other world .......

Over the years I have seen many healers, spiritualists, clairvoyants; you name it I’ve tried it!

I’ve been told I have an Indian Goddess as well as an Indian man as my spirit guides.

And so it kind of grew from there......

I’ve spent hundreds on books and loved them all, some more than others, and at the time I am in this bubble of love.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been times in more recent years that I have questioned my whole faith, in one year I lost 4 friends , all around the same age as myself, and to me that just didn’t make sense......but back to the matter in hand.

Back in September of this year, I was going through a huge shift , I was once again questioning spirituality, I was actually feeling pretty exhausted from searching, even my husband was like "WTF is going on Vanessa" and I thought "Shit!" Ii needed to chill the f**I out.....

At that point, one week away from my 45th birthday I said to myself....Vanessa you have been on this path since you were 14 year old, you’re about to turn 45, that is 31 years.... if you haven`t got it figured out by now, then maybe you ain’t ever going to get it figured out, UNLESS…

You have got it figured out but you’re so bloody busy looking on the outside you’re too blind to see it.

So I said "Enough! Enough of the card turning, horoscope reading; if I don’t do it I am sure my life will turn out just fine”.

I think I was always wishing for this apparition to appear and bless me and tell me everything is just fine.

A few weeks after my birthday I am in my local supermarket, I only needed a few essentials so I was running in and as I passed through the 1st aisle I passed an Indian man.

We had eye contact, I smiled, he smiled and on I go....

I’m a couple of aisles over and chatting with some friends I met and when I finish talking the same Indian man is stood behind me.

He placed his hand on my arm and he looked at me, and he said to me "You can let go now"

My jaw dropped, and he asked “are you ok with this?"

And I just knew I told him I was open to receive anything he had to tell me.....And so he said.....

“It is time now for you to let go, you have put so much work in over the years it’s time for you to trust”

“But I’m just not sure how to trust”,

He said “From this moment on, me meeting you put it in the past, you have a long life ahead of you” and then he told me to watch for certain people we stood there on aisle number 5 for 20 mins, he read me like a book.

I asked if I could possibly meet him again for a coffee maybe to chat some more, but he told me he had only come to deliver me a message, and I probably won’t see him again, I hugged him and off he went.......

To say I was in a state of bliss/shock is an understatement.

As I walked to the end of the aisle I turned, and then there, walking towards me was a girl wearing a t shirt in huge letters saying “EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT”!

I smiled the biggest smile, I looked skyward and said "thank you!"

I actually feel like this was the last time the universe was willing to send me a sign, as I get them a lot but often tend not to listen....

Remember I told you a psychic told me last year I had an Indian man as my guide, well, I truly believe this was him........

I feel like I have removed so many layers, I am choosing to trust , to let go, and know that there is a path for me; one filled with opportunities, prosperity, abundance, joy, love and travel .

So I guess the moral of the story is, it is ok to read the books but the answers are on the inside....

Listen to your heart!

Trust the process!

Let go!


And don’t be alarmed if you find enlightenment right there in your local supermarket!

From my heart space to yours!

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