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What people say

"Vanessa is passionate about yoga and is an inspiring teacher! She has a warm personality and a sense of humour and is enthusiastic in sharing her knowledge with her students……and she really knows her stuff!"

suzanne, polis

"Yet again Vanessa shows immense patience with me and purposely puts her attention on not over doing things, and also has a way of projecting yoga in fun but spiritual way. Now after one month I am really feeling the benefit and would recommend Vanessa to anyone at whatever level of fitness or flexibility, her methods show her vast experience and love of Yoga"

stavros louizo, paphos

"I stepped into Vanessas class having  one of the stiffest bodies on the planet. 

Vanessa has a way of making you feel welcomed, despite not beeing that kind of person who can turn the body into a knot. Having joined Vanessas class regularly  for three months I can now feel a difference in the body... and at the same time ... every session has a touch of mental cleaness .. now, I don’t want to miss a single class. "

jenny, sweden

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